Wetlands Trail at Justin Wilson Memorial Park

Justin Wilson Memorial Park has a wetlands trail that many people are not aware of.  The trailhead sign is tucked away behind Pavilion E near the tennis courts.  Be sure to bring your binoculars. I saw two osprey families in their nests at the park. If you visit early in the morning you will see lots of bunny rabbits which your kids might enjoy watching, however, the water lilies might not be open yet which are in bloom and beautiful to see. The park will seem different according to the time of day you visit. Continue reading “Wetlands Trail at Justin Wilson Memorial Park”

Pendarvis Cove Park / Ospreys – Águilas Pescadoras

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Hay una familia de águilas pescadoras de anidación en el muy pequeño y agradable Pendarvis Cove Park en Palm City. Verás su nido a medida que avanzas hacia la curva en la parte posterior del parque. Continue reading “Pendarvis Cove Park / Ospreys – Águilas Pescadoras”