20 Dolphins Playing

This morning on a bicycle ride over the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Martin County, Florida, I stopped to watch numerous dolphins playing in the St. Lucie River. There were a few fortunate people out this morning just after 7:00 am and we were all in awe of these magnificent creatures. The general consensus was that there were about twenty of them.

2 squirrelsThe banner picture above was taken some time ago, but you can see the dolphins playing in the YouTube movie below. I used my Samsung Galaxy s9+ cell phone to shoot the video. I’m also including here a photo of a couple of squirrels.  I stopped in the shade of some trees alongside the bridge for a water break before riding up it and felt some eyes upon me. Looking upwards I saw a squirrel and snapped his picture. I was surprised to see there were two of them in the photo. One is almost hidden in the upper left branches.

Author: Gail

Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.

One thought on “20 Dolphins Playing”

  1. Hermoso video Lupita! Me gustó la escuela para peces pequeños. Qué linda! Como siempre tus videos son muy refrescantes. Te deseo miles de éxitos en tus filmaciones Lupita!


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