St Lucie Shores Neighborhood

Sandhill cranes crossing road

Kiplinger Nature Preserve to St. Lucie Shores neighborhood via the Veterans Memorial Bridge and return / Highlight-Sandhill Cranes 

In the last week of May, I parked my car at Kiplinger Nature Preserve and started my ride from there. There is a small parking lot that fronts right up to Kanner Highway and from the lot it is a short distance to the bottom of the Veterans Memorial Bridge. I’ve written about this bridge many times and it’s always a pleasure to ride across it. The view is spectacular. There are three benches along the top of the bridge where you can sit to watch the birds and boats if you use the sidewalk. There is also a bicycle path leading over the bridge but you can’t access the benches.

When you reach the bottom of the bridge there is a sidewalk path that runs along the bridge at ground level leading to SW St. Lucie Shores which takes you under the bridge. By turning right you will find yourself in the St. Lucie Shores neighborhood. I’ve ridden here a few times and always enjoy it. There are a few twists and turns, not many cars, a speed limit of 25mph, and it’s worth a visit.

Isn’t it interesting that baby sandhill cranes are called colts? I was so lucky to capture a family with two colts on video. That made my day! You will find them in the second half of the YouTube movie.

This ride is approximately 5 miles depending on the roads you explore.

Click the icons on the map below for photos.

Author: Gail

Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.

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