Paradise Hiding Behind Publix

Sandwiched between the Publix Supermarket in Downtown Stuart and the St. Lucie River is a peaceful neighborhood tucked away from the hustle and bustle of busy highways. I don’t know what they call this area but it’s perfect for a quiet weekend bike ride. You will see people out for a stroll with their dogs and everyone seems friendly. This is not a shortcut to anywhere else so you won’t see cars whizzing past. The only speed limit sign I saw posted was for 25 mph. 

Magnificent trees with drooping moss and mango trees with hanging fruit greeted me from many yards. I stopped at a couple of small parks without names but not marked private for a water break and to take pictures. There is a mixture of houses, apartment buildings, and condominiums. I don’t believe I captured the serenity of this neighborhood in the YouTube video, but it’s honestly a lovely ride!

I started out at Monterey Shopping Plaza at the intersection of Kanner and Monterey and rode down the SW Palm City Road sidewalk. The road is narrow and often busy. It’s not safe for cyclists. There is a sidewalk on the east side of the road. It’s not wide and is heavily used especially by people who walk to the nearby grocery store. However, if you ride early in the morning on a Saturday or Sunday, you should have the sidewalk mostly to yourself. I always enjoy this ride.

bridge Poppleton Creek

small_park_kanner_indian_grove.jpgOn the way back I stopped at Mangrove Park which is located right off Palm City Road near Poppleton Creek Condos. I walked my bike through this small park. I visited another small park at the corner of Kanner Highway and SW Indian Grove Drive. I’ve stopped here many times for a short break. You could complete the loop by taking Kanner back to the Monterey Shopping Center although I rode back to Palm City Road since I prefer it. If you take Kanner Highway back and want to use the sidewalk, I would cross the street and ride beside Fern Hill Cemetery since the western side has more intersections. There is no bicycle lane along this part of Kanner.

I used an Akaso action camera attached to my handlebars and a Samsung Galaxy S9+ to capture video which I edited in iMovie and uploaded to YouTube. My Samsung Fitness program showed 5.5 miles for this ride.


Author: Gail

Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.

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