Bicycle Loop Monterey-Willougby-Indian-Kanner

Starting at WaWa on the corner of the intersection of Monterey and Kanner Highway I rode towards SE Willoughby Boulevard on a Saturday morning in May. This busy Monterey Road section does not have a bicycle path but has a sidewalk on both sides of the street. 

SE Willoughby Boulevard is a short distance from the WaWa and is a great road to ride standing_palm_04may19on. The section near Monterey has a few storefronts and some backroads behind them, which I investigated. I enjoy riding along Willoughby because it’s a peaceful ride and not much traffic to contend with. The high school takes up a huge plot of land on the western side and the Martin County Jail is across the street from it but set far back from the road. (See featured photo at top of this page.) The school entrance is on Kanner so it’s very quiet on the backside along Willoughby. I crossed the road at Sailfish Splash Waterpark and then continued down Willoughby towards the Martin County Tax Collector and other offices in that vicinity. Willoughby is a lovely road and if you want a longer ride you can take it all the way to Cove Road, however, I turned west onto Indian Street and headed towards Kanner Highway. I crossed the street to see some palm trees lying in a parking lot waiting to be planted.

A new Cleveland Clinic is under construction on the corner of Kanner and Indian. The ride on Kanner between Indian and Monterey is not pleasant on the eastern side of the street. There is a bicycle path to the side of the road, but there is so much construction underway that it’s best to consider a different route if you can. In addition, it seems as though more changes are being planned. I always see interesting things no matter what route I take, but this road is not on my favorite list, although the Lychee Tree Nursery right before the high school is pleasant. Still, I see many people using this section of Kanner on their bicycles.


This trip was about 5 miles for me, but I went up and down a few side roads.

Overall, I prefer to use SE Central Parkway where possible as an alternate route to SE Monterey, and I prefer Willoughby as an alternate to Kanner.


Author: Gail

Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.

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