Paradise Hiding Behind Publix

Sandwiched between the Publix Supermarket in Downtown Stuart and the St. Lucie River is a peaceful neighborhood tucked away from the hustle and bustle of busy highways. I don’t know what they call this area but it’s perfect for a quiet weekend bike ride. You will see people out for a stroll with their dogs and everyone seems friendly. This is not a shortcut to anywhere else so you won’t see cars whizzing past. The only speed limit sign I saw posted was for 25 mph.  Continue reading “Paradise Hiding Behind Publix”

Bicycle Loop Monterey-Willougby-Indian-Kanner

Starting at WaWa on the corner of the intersection of Monterey and Kanner Highway I rode towards SE Willoughby Boulevard on a Saturday morning in May. This busy Monterey Road section does not have a bicycle path but has a sidewalk on both sides of the street.  Continue reading “Bicycle Loop Monterey-Willougby-Indian-Kanner”

Palm City 5-mile Bike Loop

This was a pleasant 5-mile ride except for the Mapp Road portion. However, I filmed a fetching little water scene by stepping off the sidewalk and riding through a grassy area, although I picked up some weeds without realizing it. Perhaps SW Cornell Ave, east of Mapp Road, could be an alternate choice for Mapp.  Continue reading “Palm City 5-mile Bike Loop”

Stuart-Palm City 5-Mile Bike Loop

The views along this 5-mile loop can be spectacular, depending on the weather. Sunrise is my favorite time to pedal this route, but the YouTube movie below, except for the cell phone photos inserted, was taken midmorning on an April Tuesday.  I used an Akaso Brave 6 action camera. The bridges provide great exercise, an extra bonus.  Continue reading “Stuart-Palm City 5-Mile Bike Loop”

Akaso Brave 6 – Getting to Know You

I bought an Akaso Brave 6 action camera almost three weeks ago. The YouTube video below was taken on a bright sunny day on what I thought would be a quiet ride through Peck Lake Park. Instead, I headed north on Gomez Road in Hobe Sound past Gomez Preserve and just over the boundary into Seabranch Preserve State Park and then returned to Peck Lake Park. This is almost four miles, not quite, round trip. Short and sweet. Continue reading “Akaso Brave 6 – Getting to Know You”

Rustic Hills

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Rustic Hills, Palm City, FL

Fui a dar un paseo en bicicleta en un día nublado en marzo a través de la comunidad de Rustic Hills en Palm City, Florida. El límite de velocidad para los automóviles es de 10 mph con topes de velocidad en todas partes. El puente cubierto es encantador. Se pueden ver barcos por todas partes. Este es otro de esos lugares que me recuerdan a la vieja Florida y disfruto de la mezcolanza de casas. No hay dos iguales.  Continue reading “Rustic Hills”

SE Central Parkway-Stuart, FL

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Esta mañana no tenía un destino en mente y decidí montar en bicicleta por SE Central Parkway. Es un paseo agradable. No hay mucho tráfico y una acera a lo largo de la mayor parte de la carretera, excepto una porción corta cerca de US1. De repente, me encontré en Jupiter Donuts, donde compré un gigantesco buñuelo de manzana para llevar a casa. Continue reading “SE Central Parkway-Stuart, FL”

Moore’s Cemetery

A menudo me he preguntado sobre el Cementerio de Moore frente al de WaWa. Está situado entre Monterey y la calle Seville. No se puede ver mucho desde un automóvil o al menos un automóvil cerca del suelo en Monterey. La valla y el seto mantienen la mayor parte fuera de la vista. Mientras estaba en mi bicicleta esta mañana, decidí montar en la acera junto al cementerio de Monterey y era fácil ver sobre el seto. Tomé la foto de  Continue reading “Moore’s Cemetery”

Camino de tierra / Dirt Road

Camino de tierra con neumáticos sin aire

Decidí viajar por el camino de tierra que corre a lo largo de una escuela secundaria para ver cómo funcionarían los neumáticos sin aire en mi bicicleta. Panda, mi Citizen Bike Gotham7, no está diseñada para montar fuera de carretera. Continue reading “Camino de tierra / Dirt Road”