Stuart-Palm City 5-Mile Bike Loop

The views along this 5-mile loop can be spectacular, depending on the weather. Sunrise is my favorite time to pedal this route, but the YouTube movie below, except for the cell phone photos inserted, was taken midmorning on an April Tuesday.  I used an Akaso Brave 6 action camera. The bridges provide great exercise, an extra bonus. 

The Veterans Memorial Bridge is less steep heading west so you can keep that mind when deciding which direction you want to ride. There are three benches spread out along the top of the bridge on each side of the road offering a sweeping panorama over the St. Lucie River. All sorts of boats glide along the waterway and the green foliage is awesome. Even the awful algae can captivate you, but thankfully the water has been clear of it for a while. If you want to relax on the benches you need to use the sidewalk, not the bicycle path to the side of the road.

The Palm City Bridge (SR 714) has nowhere to relax at the top, but it does have a nice view. If you are riding very early in the morning be sure to look for the interesting spider webs in the railings. I’ve often seen dolphins from this bridge.

The Treasure Coast Rowing Club next to Charlie Leighton Park also offers amazing views, with spectacular sunrise photo opportunities. You will see rowers coming and going along with lots of people using the boat ramp at Charlie Leighton Park. Birds, too, of course!


If you need a cup of coffee before or after your ride you might enjoy 3 Barista’s Coffee that is located on the map below at the end of the yellow arrow. It’s not your normal coffee chain, they offer great service, and it’s fun to try something new.


Author: Gail

Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.

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