Palm City 5-mile Bike Loop

This was a pleasant 5-mile ride except for the Mapp Road portion. However, I filmed a fetching little water scene by stepping off the sidewalk and riding through a grassy area, although I picked up some weeds without realizing it. Perhaps SW Cornell Ave, east of Mapp Road, could be an alternate choice for Mapp. 

church_flowersAfter turning onto 714 there is a bicycle lane and also a sidewalk that is some distance from the roadway. Beautiful trees offer shade much of the time. Blasko Lane is a delightful path, free of motorized vehicles. A highlight of the morning was when I happened upon a delightful church garden through synchronicity while taking a small detour to evade a bunch of school kids coming towards me on their bicycles.

I used an Akaso Brave 6 on my bicycle handlebars and a Samsung Galaxy 9+ to film the video and my bike is a Citizen Gotham7 folding bike.

Jock Leighton Park 5-Mile Loop Map

Author: Gail

Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.

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